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Superior Clogs is a family owned business located in the beautiful town of Superior Wisconsin. Superior is a port city located on the western tip of Lake Superior. Superior Clogs has been selling Troentorp clogs on line since 2006, and is currently the largest on-line retailer of Troentorp clogs. Superior Clogs is the only retailer of Troentorp clogs that has a full inventory of clogs on site to meet customers’ need. All the rest of the retailers either have only a limited inventory to choose from, or rely on the National Distributor to maintain inventory.

Duane Anderson, owner of Superior Clogs, is a second generation descendent of Swedish immigrants. In fact, Duane’s father, Emil Claus Anderson, was the only one of his siblings born in the United States. The rest immigrated here with their parents. Duane has continually strove to provide you the best customer service you can find anywhere.

Troentorp Clogs | Superior Clogs

Looking for the best Swedish wooden clogs you can buy? Welcome to Superior Clogs-one stop shopping for anyone who wants the best footwear Scandinavia has to offer. Designed for an orthopedically sound fit, made of long lasting alder wood, these clogs are made exclusively by Troentorp-Bastad Toffel, Scandinavia’s leading clog manufacturer. Whether you need nursing or medical clogs, chef clogs, or just a pair of stylish, comfortable patent leather clogs or clog sandals, we have them all at the lowest prices. Superior Swedish Clogs has the largest inventory of Troentorp clogs in the United States.

What makes Troentorp clogs the best you’ll find anywhere? It starts with their construction. Back in 1907, Troentorp Toffel concluded that the most comfortable footwear provided arch support to the wearer, as well as proper heel height that provides a standing knee position that flexes slightly rather than locks forward. His intuitive sense of the orthotics necessary for a well-fitting shoe made Troentorp clogs immediately popular. Today, Troentorp-Bastad men’s and women’s clogs are worn the world over by medical professionals, chefs, teachers, and anyone who prefers the ease and comfort that comes with their stylish good looks.

After over 100 years, these clogs are still manufactured by Troentorp outside of Bastad. The company has grown over the years, still remaining true to their traditional principles of providing stylish comfort to clog wearers around the world. Each pair of Troentorp clogs is handmade, so each pair is unique. These clogs bring you versatility in a timeless classic style. With a company that has been around for over 100 years, you can be assured that your shoes will never go out of style.

Please note that there are a limited amount of each clog style and size that are made at one time. If you see something you like and hesitate to order, it could disappear before you have the chance. Feel free contact us if you have any questions about Troentorp clogs.

Browse our online catalog. We are constantly updating our inventory, so check back often for end of season sales and promotions.

Beginning January 27, 2013, merchants in the United States and U.S. Territories will be permitted to impose a surcharge on consumers when they use a credit card. Customers of Superior Clogs purchase their clogs almost exclusively by credit card.

Superior Clogs does not, nor intend to, impose this surcharge on our customers.