Durer – Cola Brown



Product Description

The Durer! Some call it the “Swiss Cheese” as it has a decorative pattern across the instep and a moccasin seam down the toe. Many claim this to be Troentorp’s most comfortable model.

All Troentorp clogs from Bastad Sweden come with our orthopedically constructed foot beds that are designed to support even weight distribution. The foot beds have raised heels and anatomical support for the scaphoid and metatarsal arches. All these features, together with the Troentorp clogs’ toe, will help to reduce lower back strain as well as leg and foot discomfort. In order to give the clogs their characteristic comfort and look, the cowhide leather is wet-lasted before being nailed to the moisture-absorbing alder wood. Troentorp Swedish Clogs have a naturally finished alder wood foot bed and a 1″ heat-bonded polyurethane sole which has non-skid tread to give maximum stability and comfort.

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