Neutral Shoes to Enhance Your Style

There’s nothing like amazing color to add interest and flavor to your wardrobe. With spring and summer on the way, we’re starting to see pops of color in the stores. Beautiful shades of green, blue, pink’s, and more tell us when the warmer weather is on the way. Most of those colors are fabulous for […]

Perfect Shoes for Sanding and Walking All Day

Perfect Shoes for Standing and Walking All Day   For many people shoes are not a concern. They are something we pull on our feet and head out the door each day. Maybe you have a job where you can wear boots or tennis shoes that are comfortable and supportive. However, most people don’t have […]

Business Casual Shoes for Daily Life

Business Casual Shoes for Daily Life In many businesses today, especially small business or independent entrepreneurs, business casual is the acceptable dress code. There are many different levels of business casual anywhere from jeans and polos to slacks and cardigans. That’s good news for many women since our day encompasses so much more than just […]