12 Essential Summer 2017 Fashion Items

Fashion comes and goes every season and sometimes it is tough to keep up with the trends. Most of the time it boils down to wearing what you love and what you feel the most comfortable when wearing something. But there is nothing wrong with blending in some fashion favorites from what is trending today and […]

5 Summer Fashions You Need for Cool Casual Comfort

When the weather is up and down, cool then hot, it is tough to know what to wear. Keeping basic staples ready to go at any time is the perfect answer to this daily struggle. For me, cool casual comfort style is all I need.  Easy to wear choices with the style that can dressed […]

Summer Footwear Questions – Answered!

Summer Footwear Questions – Answered!   We get a lot of questions about footwear and decided to share some of the most asked questions with you. With summer on the way, many of the questions are directed to the summer heat. So here are 5 questions answered for you.   Summer Footwear Questions – Answered! […]

7 Essentials for a Sightseeing Walking Tour

The weather is finally cooperating and it is time to get outdoors. Booking a walking tour is the perfect way to enjoy the sights of the city. Whether you are traveling abroad or just to the next big city, make sure you are prepared with some essential items that will help you make the most […]

Big Feet? Here’s How to Make Your Feet Appear Smaller

If you have big feet, you know how it can impact your life. Sometimes it is difficult to find shoes that fit properly or the cutest styles you want are not made in your size. However, having big feet is not a terrible thing. Our feet are made to give us a firm foundation for […]