12 Must-Have 2015 Summer Accessories

12 Must-Have 2015 Summer Accessories


I have to admit, when it comes to fashion, I am a sucker for accessories. They are the perfect accompaniment to an outfit and the right accessory can totally change and enhance the look of anything you want to put together. Splashes of color can be easily brought in through accessories and you can take something from drab to fab in a flash.

Summer is here and with that is lighter fabrics and less clothing. Using accessories is the way to add to your outfit in a second.  Here are some of my must have picks for summer.

12 Must-Have 2015 Summer Accessories

* Straw Handbag – Clutch, Satchel or Tote

* Sheer Summer Scarf – Small Floral Print – Worn on the Body or Handbag

* Gladiator Sandal – Flat Soles with Lots of Straps * Clog – Open Toe Clog Sandals

* Sunglasses – Big and Bold Statement Makers * Necklace – Big Statement Piece Made From Natural Materials * Earrings – Dangles 1 1/2″ or Longer or Over-Sized Hoops * Bracelets – Bangles, Bangles & Bangles (Big, Bold and Layered) * Sunhat – Over-Sized Straw or Canvas Sun Hat

* Micro Bag – Mini (Micro-Sized) Shoulder Bag

* Head Scarf – Any Print to be Worn Around the Head * Umbrella – Fashionable Prints like floral, plaids, chevron stripes, etc.

Do you have a favorite outfit that needs a little lift? Try a new accessory in a new color for some added interest.  What is your favorite way to pop your outfits?

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