3 Big Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

3 Big Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

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Dressing for the weather can be difficult especially when the warm weather is upon us. Trying to stay cool and look professional can be a challenge. Luckily this summer season the fashion trends are going to make it so easy to look great and feel wonderful too! Check out what is coming up this summer.

* Delicate Lace

Gone are the days of scratchy feeling lace being attached to women’s fashion. These days it is all about the super-soft delicate lace that is done in very feminine patterns. These lacy patterns often feature scalloped edging and floral details in white or a pretty solid color.

* Sheer Fabrications

Let’s face it, during the hot summer months no one wants to be wearing flannel, leather, suede or denim. Sheer fabrications are all the rage this year. You can wear undergarments that are skin-toned, in colors that match the item or in colors that completely contrasts.


(Neutral – Look) Nude camisole underneath a sheer pastel pink blouse (Contrasting – Looks) White camisole underneath a black sheer blouse,┬áTangerine camisole underneath a lime green sheer blouse

(Matching – Look) Pastel blue camisole underneath a pastel blue sheer blouse

* Laser-Cut Details & Embellishments

Laser-cut details and embellishments are all over the runway this year. It is a way for the designer to add interesting texture and interest to a garment. Look for laser-cut skirt and dress hems, shirt hems, blouse collars, etc. Some of these are done on denim, leather and suede. To keep your summer clothing “breathable”, look for fashion pieces that only have small touches of these types of embellishments and adornments.

Staying cool and looking nice is going to be a treat during the heat of the summer. Blending in your favorite fashion pieces and your clog sandals just got easier too!

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