3 Fashion Items You Should Splurge On for Fall


The cost of being fashionable is getting higher and higher. But some pieces are worth their weight in gold!  For long term usage and classic fashion needs, there are some pieces you just have to have!

Here are our picks for 3 fashion items are items you should ALWAYS splurge on and use this fall. 

3 Fashion Items You Should Splurge On for Fall

  1. Leather Handbag – A good quality-made handbag should last you for several years. You want to look for classic styles and in your basic colors that work with the majority of items in your wardrobe. The leather should be soft and the hardware on the bag should enhance the bags style, without distracting from it. The bag needs to be large enough to hold all of your daily essentials. 

What to Avoid: Stay away from cheaply-made fabric bags, thin vinyl bags and bright or bold colors. These will limit wardrobe possibilities. We also recommend that you avoid handbags that have no lining inside the bag or that don’t offer any type of organizing features.

  1. Leather Clogs – Troentorp leather clogs have been around for decades! These Swedish-made clogs are built for comfort and offer all of the fashion style that you need. They can be worn casually or dressed up for the wear in the professional business office.

What to Avoid: Stay away from fabric uppers (they get weather-worn very quickly) and flat-bottom soles that offer no comfort features. When you slip your foot into a pair of clogs, they should immediately feel comfortable on your feet and need no-break-in period.

  1. Outerwear Jacket: A good outwear jacket needs to be one that is classic in its styling, is figure-flattering, and provides some warmth. Look for a jacket that semi-fitted and beautifully lined. Pick a classic color like gray, black, khaki, chocolate brown or navy blue to go with the majority of your fall fashion items. We like a good outerwear jacket that has pockets. 

What to Avoid: Stay away from jackets that are brightly-colored, contain “loud” prints and always consider the length of the jacket that you’re buying. You’ll get LESS mileage out of a cropped-length or ankle-length jacket.

These three key pieces will always interchange and work well with your wardrobe this fall and anytime you need them. Definitely worth the price!

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