3 Styles of Clogs You Can Wear Year Round

3 Styles of Clogs You Can Wear Year Round


The great thing about clogs today are all of the different styles that you can choose from. While some are great for warmer weather, there are many styles that you can wear all year round that will work with your wardrobe and go with you anywhere.


Consider these three styles when choosing your next pair of clogs from Superior Clogs. All of our styles are Swedish hand-made by Troentorp and are built to last with amazing comfort and style!


* The Donatello adjustable clogs are available in several different colors and are a popular style choice here at Superior Clogs. These clogs feature general alderwood bottoms with a non-slip sole. Once you adjust the strap to what’s comfortable for your own foot…you simply slip them on and go!


* The Monet, Rembrandt, or O’Keeffe clogs are also available in several different colors. All three of these are constructed identically style-wise. They are made out of genuine leather and feature a padded cuff for comfort. The Monet clogs feature black-stained alderwood bottoms with easy slip-on and slip-off comfort. The Rembrandt and O’Keeffe come with the natural colored bottoms. If you like a sleek and modern-looking clog, these styles are for you!


* The Raphael clogs are one of our best-sellers here at Superior Clogs and are available in several different colors. They feature an adjustable buckle strap across the vamp of the shoe to give you a customized fit. They have genuine alderwood bottoms with either a non-slip sole or, as in the Red and Black Cherry colors, the Original sole. A classic style with a little bit of a modern update!


Once you choose your favorite style or two, grab them in a few colors and you are good to go for year round comfort and style.  You will soon want to throw all of your other shoes away!


The Raphael are on sale November 8-11 2018. Use Coupon code: raphael, and save $10.00 a pair!



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