5 Classic Fashion Accessories Every Woman Needs


Basics are such a wonderful way to build a wardrobe. Choose your classic pieces and add in beautiful accessories that will fill out your fashion flair.  Classic accessories are ones that will stand up to trends and always be on point.

Here are some of our favorite choices in classic accessories.

5 Classic Fashion Accessories Every Woman Needs

  1. Blazer – Look for a blazer in a classic color that will go with most items in your wardrobe. We suggest black, chocolate brown, gray or navy blue. The style you select should be figure-flattering and cut more on the classic side than the trendy side. You want to wear your new blazer for several years, not just one season.
  2. Oblong Scarf – An oblong scarf can be used a ton of different ways. You can wear them as head-coverings, around your neckline, tossed over your shoulders, tied around your waist or add them onto your handbag as a fashion accessory. Scarves can be worn casually or for a night out on the town.
  3. Leather Clogs – A good pair of genuine leather clogs can be worn casually while traveling, during the weekends, or while running errands. They can be dressed-up and worn into a professional office environment or wear with your favorite outfit for date night. Clogs are one of the most versatile footwear options in your fashion wardrobe.
  4. Classic Designer Handbag – Add a fabulous bag with quality-construction and a classic style that will stand the test of time. You can find a beautiful designer handbag around the $100 price-point and it will last you for years!
  5. Sunglasses – Every woman needs a great pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes. Not only are sunglasses a health-necessity, but they’re a fashionable accent too! Select a pair in goldtone, silvertone, rosetone metal or go with a classic color that will work with most of the fashions in your wardrobe.

These 5 choices are a wonderful way to round out your wardrobe and be able to pull together a beautiful outfit in a flash.

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