5 Items Around $100 Every Woman Should Own


Every woman has a list of key pieces that are in her wardrobe. For some women it may be the perfect fitting black jeans. For others it could be a favorite shirt or a favorite necklace.

So we decided to come up with five things for around 100 bucks that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Here’s our list.

5 Items Around $100 Every Woman Should Own

  1. A little black dress – Also known as a LBD, this is a critical item for any last-minute date nights or business functions that require a little dress up. Look for something with interesting details that will make it stand out.

    2. A fabulous pair of red shoes – We, of course, love our red Mary Jane clog sandals and our black cherry open back clogs.  Perfect to pair with slacks, jeans, or dresses. Plus they’re great for traveling as well.

    3. The classic button-down white blouse – A go to for business attire or casual pairing with your favorite jean jacket or crop jacket. You can never have too many white shirts in my opinion. The basic white tee is a great option too!

    4. A tailored blazer – Perfect for dressing up or dressing down, a blazer is classic item that you will use over and over. Mix and match it and dress it up with classic shoes for a great look.

    5. A pair of black slacks – Just what you need for pairing with your blazer or your classic button-down white blouse, a tailored comfortable pair of black slacks will take you from business meeting to errands in comfort and style.

I have to add one more!!!

  1. A leather tote bag – The quintessential must-have for women on the go, the leather tote is the perfect piece to dress you up in style. Just what you need to organize your life from work to pleasure!

    These five Six items will take your wardrobe to new heights with style and comfort. Plus they will help reduce the time of decision in answering the age-old question – what am I going to wear today?


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