5 Leather Footwear Cleaning Tips

Leather and suede shoes are gorgeous to wear. They offer a long lasting wear, but they do need a bit of upkeep so they maintain their looks and shape.  Here are 5 leather footwear cleaning tips that you can use for your clogs, boots, and other shoes.


5 Leather Footwear Cleaning Tips


  1. When it comes to giving your shoes a good cleaning, it’s best to spot clean them with a product made specifically for leather. If you don’t have any of those types of products on-hand, we recommend spot cleaning with just a damp cloth then towel dry.


  1. If you have mud and dirty debris stuck in the soles of your shoes, loosen up the debris with a wet toothbrush. Scrub the debris out and then towel dry. If you have tiny pebbles stuck into your tread, use the back-end of the toothbrush to pry them out.


  1. If you splash mud and water onto your leather or suede shoes, it’s best to blot of up the excess water and let the mud dry. It’s easier to clean mud once it has dried, than it is wet. Once dry, use a brush to remove it. If needed, buff the area with a good suede and leather cleaner once the debris has been removed.


  1. Suede is a leather fabrication that will often show scuff marks. Use a good cleaning brush made specifically for suede to “re-fluff” the grain. This will usually take away the scuff mark or, at least, make it less noticeable. A store bought suede eraser will work equally as well. 


  1. Spill something on your suede shoes while out and running around? Blot up the mess with a clean towel, don’t rub! Sprinkle a little corn starch onto the wet area and let dry. Use a suede brush or an old toothbrush to scrub away the mess. If there is a stain, try using a pencil eraser, using light pressure, to remove the stain. The majority of the time, this will work for light and small stains. If it doesn’t, we recommend professional cleaning.Care and treatment for your leather footwear will result in a beautiful finish that keeps your shoes, boots, and clogs looking good for years to come.


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