5 Must-Have Fashion Items for Travel


5 Must-Have Fashion Items for Travel

I don’t know anyone who does not love to travel. Hitting the road for even a short trip can be simple when you know the right items to pack. But, for many, that can be difficult!

are 5 must-have fashion items for travel that will help you keep packing for your trip simple and yet fashionable.

Walking Shoes: One of the most important items you need when you’re traveling is a good pair of comfortable walking shoes that you can wear at least 8 hours of the day, without hurting your feet. While many people opt for athletic shoes, those can’t go from casual to dressy. We prefer to pack a good pair of genuine leather clogs from Superior Clogs, which can be dressed up or dressed down.

Over-Sized Scarf: Packing up a light-weight scarf will hardly take up any room in your luggage. A scarf can be used as a fashion accessory to add a pop of color to your outfit. However, it has a practical purpose too! Toss it over your shoulders if you get chilly, tie it around your neck to help keep warm or if you’re running late and having a bad hair day, tie it around your head. They also make great impromptu belts!

Convertible Bra: Why are you packing 5 different bras to accommodate all of your fashions? Invest in one good supportive, comfortable, and convertible bra that can do it all! One bra saves room in your luggage and you’ll always have the appropriate-styled bra for whatever you’re wearing.

Basic Solid Color Tee: While we all love colorful prints, when it comes to tees, a good solid-color tee will take you everywhere! Look for a semi-fitted cotton tee in a classic solid color (like black, dark navy blue or white) that can be dressed up or worn casually. A good tee is a building block for your other fashions like vests, cropped jackets and cardigans.

Khaki Pants: A good pair of khaki colored pants can be dressed up with a nice top or dressed down with your favorite tee. Just about any color top that you have along with you will work back to a great pair of khakis! Not into pants and slacks? Pick up a pair of khaki colored denim jeans!


The 5 basics are wonderful building blocks for your travel bag. By keeping your key items basic and interchangeable, you will be out the door for that trip in a flash!


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