5 Must Have Shoes You Need for College

5 Must Have Shoes You Need for College

clogs 4College is starting soon and for millions of students that is time when they start to stress about what they will be taking with them to school. After all, rooms are small and styles change so we want to make sure that what we bring with will meet all of our needs and be stylish and fashionable too!There are 5 basics in footwear that will get you through your college days. Here are our5 picks!

5 Must Have Shoes You Need for College


  1. The Clog – We all need a comfortable pair of shoes that we can easily slip our foot in and out of, plus give us the comfort when walking so much around campus. Depending on the style of clogs that you select, they can be dressed up or down. When selecting a pair of clogs, look for a pair with an orthopedic footbed for comfort. Most women find that they can wear clogs from Superior Clogs all day and night long!


  1. The Athletic Shoe – Everyone needs a comfortable athletic shoe and for most college-aged women, it will be your go-to! You can wear them around campus, while working out, running errands, and during your casual downtime. 


  1. The Loafer – The loafer is a comfort shoe that can be dressed up or dressed down. You can wear it all around campus, to an after-class job, or during a casual weekend.


  1. The High-Heeled Sandal – There will be times when you want to get dressed up for a school, social, or business event. Select a pair of sandals or pumps in a neutral color, so that it can be worn with most items in your fashion wardrobe. Not comfortable wearing high-heels? Look for a “kitten heel” sandal or a mid-heel wedge. 


  1. The Comfy Boot – Depending on which area in the country that you live, look for a good pair of comfortable boots. If you live in a cold-weather area, look for a warmer-style and if you live in a warm-weather area, look for an open-toe boot or shootie style.


Buying Tip: Every time you shop for and buy a new pair of shoes, make sure you pick up a few new pair of socks or legwear items to go with them.These 5 basics are all you need for your college fashions. Buy quality shoes in great neutrals that you can blend and they will last you for a long time!

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