5 Tips for Building a Spring Wardrobe


5 Tips for Building a Spring Wardrobe

When the sun starts to warm up just a bit, I think most of us start thinking about spring. It is a time of freshness and renewal in nature and for us too. Purging out the cold weather clothes and bringing in the warmer weather clothes is part of our renewal process.

Out with the Old and In with the New takes on special meaning when thinking of building a new spring wardrobe. But where to start? Randomly adding a new outfit here and there is one thing, but creating a wardrobe that will inspire you and carry you into many seasons is another.

Here are 5 Tips for Building a Spring Wardrobe to help you

  1. Get in your closet and look at what you already have. Do you have enough essential pieces to get you through the season? If so, buy some fun accessories to add a sparkle and shine or a bit of pattern to your favorite pieces and outfits.
  2. When adding new items to your spring wardrobe, look for versatile pieces in solid colors that will go with other items that you already have. It is easier to mix-n-match solids than prints.
  3. Lighten things up! Ditch the black, dark gray and navy blue. Opt for spring neutrals like khaki, ivory and light gray that will mix and match nicely with the pretty springtime pastels.
  4. Opt for the trendy layered look by adding a new blazer, jacket or cardigan to your wardrobe. By adding a few layering pieces like these, you can get more mileage out of your tops, blouses and tees.
  5. Select footwear that can take you from Spring into Summer like a good pair of open-toe clog bottom sandals. While providing you comfort they are a versatile footwear choice! You can wear them now with your slacks, jeans and pants…but going forward you can wear them with your shorts, capris, skirts and summertime dresses.

Adding quality, time friendly pieces will expand your spring wardrobe for a beautiful new look that will help renew you and shake off the cold weather blahs. Check out our Spring and Summer selection at www.superiorclogs.com.

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