5 Tips to Keep Your Clogs Looking Nice Longer

5 Tips to Keep Your Clogs Looking Nice Longer


Once you have a great pair of clogs, you will find that they will become you favorite go to shoe. Making them last as long as possible is important. Here are 5 great tips that will help to keep your favorite clogs looking nice for a long time.

  1. If you know there is going to be very sloppy and wet weather that day then wear a different pair of shoes. We are talking about wearing your clogs in an all-day rain storm, mud puddles 3″ deep or through 6″ of snow. An occasional rain shower with mist doesn’t count.
  2. Know what your clogs are made out of! Different fabrications require different preventive care. For example: You can buy leather conditioner for leather footwear to keep your leather soft and supple. It is important to keep leather conditioned to keep it from cracking, crazing or getting stiff.
  3. If you live in an area that gets rain or other sloppy weather conditions consider pre-treating your clogs to make them water resistant. You can find commercial treatments for leather, canvas, man-made leathers, felt, wood, etc. Read the package instructions and pre-treat your clogs every season.
  4. When storing your shoes under-the-bed, in a closet or in a shoe organizer, it’s important to NOT stack heavier footwear items or accessories on top of them which can cause them to become mis-shapened.
  5. Do not store footwear items in extreme temperatures. That includes extreme cold or heat. Never let your shoes sit out in the hot sun or the bitter cold in the backseat of your car or in the trunk. The heat or cold can damage them.

Take these tips into account when wearing your clogs. You will find that your clogs will look wonderful for many years to come.

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