5 Ways to Style a Red Pair of Clogs

5 Ways to Style a Red Pair of Clogs


I don’t know a women that does not love a great pair of red shoes. They offer the right amount of color for an outfit and look awesome when accessorizing with other red accessories. However, they can overwhelm a look, if you go overboard. There are a few tips that make wearing red shoes and clogs a bit easier on the eye and perfectly suited for business and casual wear. Check them out and pin this article refer back it time and again!


5 Fashion Tips for Wearing Red Shoes


  • When shopping for a red pair of shoes, look for a red shade that has blue undertones, not orange. An orangey-red can be harder to blend with clothing and accessories, while a blue-red looks sophisticated and classy and is easy to blend.
  • Red footwear looks fabulous when worn with black, dark navy blue and neutral-colored fashions. It should not be worn with red fashions, unless you’re breaking up the red color story with a dark/neutral bottom, a red top and then your red shoes.
  • Avoid purchasing red-patterned shoes which will limit your fashion styling possibilities. By going with a solid red shoe, you’ll have more styling opportunities.
  • Don’t go overboard with the red color story! In other words, don’t wear red from head-to-toe, including accessories and jewelry. It’s just way too much! Red is a color that looks best when worn with other colors. If you want to mix-in other colors, try color-blocking red with pink, orange, lime green and papaya.
  • When putting together your fashion ensemble, make sure it looks appropriate for the outing. In other words, if you wear a very short mini dress or short skirt with red high-heeled pumps to the office, it can be considered inappropriate and best suited for an evening out. Tone down that look by wearing a business suit, a longer skirt, or a nice pair of black trousers, which looks more sophisticated and suited for office wear and business meetings.

red clogsdurer-red036The color red depicts power and strength and is a perfect color to wear to important meetings and to blend for a pop of color. But too much can be overwhelming. Be selective in your choice of red you wear but be confident and enjoy wearing it too!  These tips will help you find the perfect balance for styling your red clogs.

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