5FAQ’s About Wearing Clogs


5 FAQ’s About Wearing Clogs

We often get questions from our customers about the care and concerns about wearing clogs. Here are a few FAQ’s that we have answered to help you care for your favorite clogs.

5 FAQ’s About Wearing Clogs

  1. Can I Wear Clogs in the Summer? Absolutely! You can wear them all year long! If you live in a warmer climate area, you may want to look for ones with open-toes and an open-back. They are styled just like a sandal but with the traditional clog-style bottom.
  2. My Feet Sweat A Lot. Can I Deodorize Them? Yes, you can! If your feet sweat a lot and if you notice an odor starting to develop, lightly sprinkle a shoe deodorizer inside the shoe following the package instructions. Make sure that whatever product that you use is safe for leather shoes! Also remember the alder wood bottoms of Troentorp clogs are a natural deodorizer.
  3. Do I Have to Wear Hosiery? No! There is nothing wrong with going barefoot when wearing any style of clogs! However, if you want a fun & funky fashion look, select socks in fun patterns, prints and bright colors.
  4. Should I Pre-Treat My Clogs? Yes! You will want to pre-treat your clogs with a leather conditioner to keep them looking nice. You will also want to treat them with products to help make them water resistant to help prevent water damage during sloppy weather days.
  5. Can I Use My Orthotic Sock Liner? Absolutely! However, not all orthotic sock liners will work inside every style of clogs. With that said, most customers tell us they don’t need to use their orthotic liners inside our footwear due to the clog-style foot bed which is comfortable on your feet.

Do you have questions about your clogs? Send your questions or comment by email to: info@superiorclogs.com. We would love to hear from you.


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