6 Tips for Buying Comfortable Shoes


6 Tips for Buying Comfortable Shoes

There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes that do not fit your feet right or are uncomfortable and you go through your day. Not only can it cause pain to your feet, but you can also end up with issues like blisters, corns, and hammer toes. These are problems that are definitely not pleasant to deal with on a daily basis.

So how do you find the best shoe for your feet? The fit and feel is critical so here are a few tips that can help you purchase the comfortable shoes that you need for all day wear.



  1. Avoid purchasing shoes that have a narrow or pointed toe. These styles often squeeze your toes together in an unnatural way. They can cause you all kinds of temporary and permanent foot problems, such as bunions, calluses and hammer toes. A wider toe-box area is a necessary when you’re seeking comfort from your shoe.


  1. Try to select flat styles that offer arch support and follow the natural contour of your foot. If you tend to suffer with a lot of foot pain, look for footbeds that are lined with memory foam to help cushion and support the bottom of your foot.


  1. For shoes to be comfortable, you have to buy the correct size and width for your feet! If you’re unsure of your correct size and width, go to a shoe store for a professional fitting. Never try to cram your feet into a smaller-sized shoe!


  1. Shop for styles that have built-in comfort features. Some good styles to consider are: clogs, loafers, walking shoes, athletic shoes and comfort sandals.

There are styles and brands out in the retail marketplace that are solely focused on providing comfortable and supportive footwear to their customers. Check out our high-quality clogs here at Superior Clogs to get started.


  1. If your feet tend to swell throughout the day, you’ll want to purchase footwear that has adjustable features. You’ll need to be able to loosen up laces, adjust an ankle strap or open up a hook & loop closure as your feet swell up and un-swell through the day.


  1. Got a custom orthotic? Look for styles that allow you to remove the insole easily, so that you can insert your custom orthotic into the shoe. Not all styles can accommodate an orthotic! The majority of our styles here at Superior Clogs can accommodate them easily.

By paying attention to the proper fit and feel of a shoe, plus the support you get from it, will ensure that you will get the most use and comfort from that shoe. These tips will help you buy the best shoes for your feet.

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