6 Tips for Buying Shoes Online

With our busy lives, it is no wonder that the power of the internet has exploded with shopping sites. With fabulous options available, you can buy almost anything from your phone or computer with a few clicks of the buttons. However, that does not come without a few issues, especially when shopping for clothing and footwear. It can be difficult to buy shoes online so we came up some great tips to help you purchase your clogs and footwear in a painless manner.


6 Tips for Buying Shoes Online


  1. When shopping for shoes online, you only want to buy from reputable stores. You can look for online reviews, recommendations, and check the Better Business Bureau, if you’re unfamiliar with the company.


  1. Make sure that the company offers some type of return policy and that you fully understand that policy before ordering. 


  1. Read over the size chart! Shoe sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If they offer a measurements sizing guide, make sure you take your measurements and compare them to the published size chart.


  1. Read the description carefully. Some descriptions are written in a way to deceive buyers. For example: PE Leather is NOT genuine leather. Vegan leather is NOT genuine leather. If you’re looking for shoes that are made out of genuine leather, make sure you read the description and fabrication carefully. 


  1. Working Contact Form or Email Address: Before placing your order, make sure that the business/company has a way for you to contact them with questions or should you have a problem after receiving your purchase. Many businesses have fake contact forms and non-working email addresses online because they got tired of being spammed. The ONLY way to really contact them is via phone or postal mail. Take the time to find out if there is a LEGIT way for you to contact the business online or by phone, if you need to correspond with them. 


  1. Before placing your order, check out the company’s shipping and handling fees to make sure you’re comfortable with the amount that you’ll be charged. In addition, make sure you find out ahead of time, who’s responsible for return shipping, should that need arise.


These six tips will help you make your clog shopping at Superior Clogs.com a breeze.


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