7 Back to School Fashion Musts for High School & College Girls

7 Back to School Fashion Musts for High School & College Girls

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Back to school is in full swing and with fall quickly approaching too, fashion must-haves are changing quickly. Gone are the shorts and sandals. But women are now asking “Now what do I wear in the transitioning time?”. Whether you are a high school student, college girl, or young adult, here are some back to school fashion items you will want to add to your closet!

  1. Flared Jeans – While jeggings and skinny jeans are still in-fashion…flared jeans are making a big comeback this season. You will want to pick up a pair or two in a dark indigo wash color for the week. The washed and faded blues will be back in the spring and summer.
  2. Boho Tops – The boho fashion trend has been around for a few years now and continues to be strong. Pick up some great boho style tops and be right in fashion with all of your friends.
  3. Turtlenecks – A throwback to the 70’s are the return of the classic turtleneck! Pick up a few of these in your classic solid colors, perfect for layering with jean jackets or vests. Then splash up your wardrobe with a few fun prints.
  4. At-Leisure Suit– This season is all about looking casual but yet staying comfortable at the same time! Pick up a couple of matching at-leisure suits in your favorite styles and colors. We like seeing matching top and bottoms but mixing your pieces up into contrasting color waves is fun too!
  5. Patterned Backpacks – These right-on-trend backpacks are made from quilted fabric and feature beautiful feminine patterns like floral prints, chevron and paisley.
  6. Comfortable Clogs – The clog-style shoe can be worn casually or dressed up for a night out on the town. Clogs are built for comfort and can be worn with most items in your wardrobe which makes them a wise fashion investment. We have some fabulous new styles for fall that are to die for!
  7. Fringe Handbag – Fringe adorned accessories continue to be strong this season. Pick up a good genuine leather or suede handbag with fringe. They are all the rage this fall season.

Everything on this list is perfect for a stylish fall wardrobe and back to school fashion. Which are your favorites that you will add? All of these come together for a fabulous look I just love. So classic and comfy anywhere you wear it.


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