7 Fun Facts About Clogs

In case you haven’t noticed, we are a bit crazy about clogs. Not only because they are so comfy and perfect for standing and walking a lot, but also because they have a long history behind them too.

Just for kicks, we thought we would share some fun facts about clogs with you. You never know, maybe you can win a round of Trivia with one of these answers!

7 Fun Facts About Clogs

1. The oldest surviving pair of wooden shoes was found in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and dates from around 1230 to 1280.

2. Clogs generally come in 3 different styles:
a. wooden upper
b. wooden soled
c. wooden overshoes.

3. If you’re a clog lover, you’ll want to visit the International Wooden Shoes Museum located in the Netherlands.

4. During the 1970’s and early 1980’s Swedish clogs invaded the fashion scene. They were popular with both males and females. During this time, platform clogs became popular, especially with women who were into the flower-child and boho fashion looks.

5. Clogs are the preferred footwear choice in several different styles of dance.

6. Before the 20th century, all wooden clogs were made-by-hand by skilled craftsmen. At the beginning of the 20th century, machine-made footwear was introduced. Today, you can find some footwear companies still producing their clogs by hand, like the Troentorp brand we exclusively offer.

7. Footwear styles come and go, but traditional clog-style shoes are always in-style. They’re a classic that can be worn casually, dressed up for the business office or worn to work (safety clogs) in a professional environment.

Always a solid choice in footwear, the clog is a long standing shoe style that will always be popular. Today, more than ever, you can find wonderful colors and designs that will fit all of your style needs. Stop by the online store and find your favorite.

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