A Great Shoe Choice for Busy Professionals


A Great Shoe Choice for Busy Professionals

If you work on your feet for many hours through the day then you know how tough it can be to find comfortable and supportive shoes that can carry you through the entire day, but yet do not look like something your grandmother would wear.

Whether you work in an office or you are running from appointment to appointment all day, comfort and style is usually foremost in your mind and we have gorgeous shoes that will fit the bill for all of your professional attire.

If you work in any of these professional environments, clogs make an excellent footwear choice! They are constructed with orthopedic-correct foot beds and built for all day comfort. If you do a lot of standing or walking, clogs are for you!

– School Teachers

– Office Receptionist

– Office Secretary

– Restaurant Hostess

– Restaurant Waitress

– Professional Chef

– Bartender

– Nurse

– Doctor or Surgeon

– Dentist

– Dental Hygienist

– Daycare Provider

– Dog Walker

– Real Estate Agent

– Tour Guide

– Florist

– News Reporter

– Housekeeper/Cleaning Services

– Ticket Agent

At Superior Clogs, we offer all kinds of different styles and colors of clogs to match your uniforms and/or to go with your professional business attire. Our footwear is made out of genuine leather and quality constructed. With proper care, they will last you for years!

With amazing color choices that can beautifully mix and match with your professional clothing, you can easily blend your clogs to your outfit. Solid basics in colors like black, navy, and browns are a top choice. But adding a splash of color with burgundy or red is always acceptable too.

Classic styles that never go out of style, choosing a Swedish clog is the choice of so many busy professionals today. Stop by and see some of our fabulous choices and take away the discomfort your feet have to suffer from standing and walking all day.

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