A Guide to Buying Shorts for Women

A Guide to Buying Shorts for Women


There are some things that make me crazy when buying a pair of shorts. The first is finding the right length in a sea of different shorts styles. The second is making sure that they fit right and feel right. I cannot stand when shorts ride up or fit differently than what was expected at the time of purchase.

If you have the same problems, here is a guide that will help you determine the right length for your shorts or pants and how to measure to find the right fit for you.

This is just a guide and inseam lengths will vary depending on your height and length of your legs. Inseams also vary from clothing manufacturer to clothing manufacturer.

How to Measure:
Start at the bottom center of your crotch and run a tape measure straight down. This will give you an idea of what to shop for. When shopping online, always check out that manufacturer’s sizing chart for information and guidance.

Typical Lengths of Shorts and Pants for Women:

* Shorts – 5″ or less inseam
* Walking Shorts & Bermuda Shorts – Varies but should hit 1″ above the knee
* Pedal Pusher – Should hit right at the knee
* Capri – 21″ to 23″ long inseam and falls 2-3″ below the knee
* Crop Pants – 24″ to 28″ long inseam and falls 2-3″ above the ankle
* Ankle Pants – Fall 1″ above or right at the ankle

To make the most of your summer, choosing several styles of these different pants and shorts will give you so much flexibility with your fashion needs. Plus all of these look wonderful with a beautiful pair of clog sandals for comfort and style.

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