Back to School Footwear Must-Haves for College Girls

Back to School Footwear Must-Haves for College Girls

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Time flies so quickly! It seems like school just got out and now we are getting ready for another year. Whether you are first year college student or have a few under your belt, there are some things that you will find you must have when heading off to school. One thing is the right footwear for hiking the campus and all of the activities surrounding your experience.

Here are some of our must-haves for comfortable footwear

* Athletic Shoe – As a college student you will be doing a lot of walking and standing on your feet. Not to mention if you take any sport activities. You will need a good high-quality and supportive athletic shoe to get you through your day.

* Dress Clogs – There will be times that you will need to get dressed up to attend school meetings and other dressy occasion events. For some women, a good pair of plain clogs like a Monet or Van Gogh will do. For others a nice wedge-heel or high-heel shoe will do.

* Walking Shoe – You will want to select a good pair of clogs that are supportive, comfortable and can be dressed up or worn casually and are not an athletic shoe. Clogs like the kind we sell here at Superior Clogs are the perfect footwear for college girls who do a lot of walking but want a comfortable shoe that can be dressed up or down.

* Flip Flops – If you are going to live in a dorm, a good pair of flip-flops are a must-have. You can slip them on and off quickly and wear them all over the dorm and beyond. Some girls even like to wear them in a shared shower.

* Comfortable Slippers – There are times you will want something warm and comfortable on your feet. A good pair of slippers are the winning choice. Look for a pair with memory foam insoles that you can slip into and out of quickly.

* Boots – Depending on where you live and your style of dress, many ladies love the look of boots with their style. Rain boots may be a must have. Tall boots for leggings or skinny jeans are also in style and look wonderful with many types of outfits.  Maybe snow boots are going to be needed. Whatever your needs, make sure they are comfortable for walking.

Trying to fit all of your must-haves for college into a short list is tough. Look for footwear that have multiple uses and you can manage to get through school with the necessities.

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