Beautiful Professional Safety Clogs

Beautiful Professional Safety Clogs

There are many areas of employment where safety shoes are required for on the job. When we think about safety shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is probably those unattractive boot-like shoes. Well the good news is that you are not stuck with those unattractive shoes any more. There are beautiful professional safety shoes available and we have them at Superior Clogs!


All of our professional steel-toe safety clogs made by Troentorp meet the U.S. Safety Standard ANSI Rating Z41.


We currently carry two different styles, available in 3 color choices:


* Picasso in Black Cherry with black colored bottom


* Picasso in Classic Black with black colored bottom


* Pablo in Cola with natural colored bottom


All three of these styles feature a closed back and closed toe. You simply slip your foot into them and go! You can opt or opt not-to wear socks with them.


All Troentorp clogs from Bastad Sweden are constructed with orthopedically constructed foot beds that are designed to support even weight distribution. The foot beds have raised heels and anatomical support for the scaphoid and metatarsal arches. Each shoe features a padded collar for the ultimate comfort for your feet.


Our professional safety clogs are perfect for those of you who work in the medical and dental field, food industry, tourism industry, agricultural field, school teachers, librarians and more!


Why be stuck wearing commercial safety shoes when you can choose a pair of handmade clogs that not only look great but also protect your feet while working? The Troentorp professional safely clogs are the perfect choice for men and women. Stop by the site and grab your favorite pair.


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