Best Shoes for Restaurant Worker


Best Shoes for Restaurant Workers

When you work in the restaurant and food industry you spend a lot of hours standing on your feet. You need footwear that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  Plus they need to be easy to clean and look nice too.

Because you stand and walk so much in your job, your footwear choices need to have an insole that is contoured to the shape of your natural foot and an outsole with good tread so that you don’t slide around.  In fact, most restaurants require you to wear shoes with non-slip oil resistant soles. But finding stylish, good looking shoes in this category can be difficult!

Did you know that most companies will allow their employees to wear clogs with the proper sole? As a matter of fact, many bosses will recommend them when they hire you. You’ll often see food workers wearing solid black, dark chocolate brown, or shades of navy blue clogs to wear with their work uniforms. These colors act as “neutrals” and are great for hiding any spills that may occur at work.

I am sure that your employer will recommend and require that you select a clog style that features a closed toe and a closed back. Some may allow an open back so if you’re very experienced in wearing these types of shoes, you can opt for an open back but with an ankle strap to make sure they stay securely onto your feet.

Quality plays an important part with comfort and longevity in footwear. Here at Superior Clogs we sell only the best Troentorp Clogs made with genuine leather. We sell several styles that are appropriate for those who work in the food service industry, just like our Professional, which comes in black. We even have steel toe clogs for those industries that require toe protection.

Stop by the site and check out all of our closed back clogs. There will be the perfect one for your restaurant job that will give you the amazing support and comfort you need!

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