Best Shoes to Buy for Wide Feet



Millions of women around the world have wide feet. It is a blessing and a curse sometimes. While wide feet gives a great foundation for our bodies, it can also be tough to find shoes that fit well and support properly.


When your feet are wide, it’s extremely important to buy proper fitting shoes to help prevent blisters, bunions, pain and even bone deformities. Comfort should come first, with style being second, when considering what to purchase for your wide feet.


Here are some tips to help you choose the right shoes for you.


Best Shoes to Buy for Wide Feet


First, if the shoe manufacturer offers wide-width sizing that is the way to go. If they don’t, you can still fit into mainstream shoe brands, if you choose styles that offer a wider toe box area and instep.


If all else fails, you can try purchasing a well-made shoe stretcher to help stretch out your shoes a little bit. But that should be your last option.


Here are a few styles to look for to fit wider feet comfortably:


– Athletic Shoes

– Open-Back Clogs

– Clog Style Sandals (open-back and open-toe on clog-style bottom)

– Walking Shoe

– Flip-Flop with good supportive sole

– Moccasins

– Loafers

– Ballerina flats

– Slip-on Sandals with Adjustable Straps


Additional Tips: Look for shoe and boot styles that feature laces or buckle straps that run across the top of your foot. This will allow you to adjust the width some-what to accommodate your foot size. Shoes and boots that feature zippers, don’t offer that type of customization in regards to foot width.


Clogs are a popular choice for women with wider feet. Many styles come with adjustable buckles and stretch vent areas that will accommodate a higher instep and wider foot. Not only are the very comfortable, but they offer the style you love too!


Stop by our site and see all of the clog styles. There is certain to be one that will call your name!

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