Best Type of Clogs for the Professional Environment

Best Type of Clogs for the Professional Environment


We all have the problem of what to wear to work. Not only when it comes to clothing but also shoes. Our Clog choice can make or break the outfit. Plus, it can make a huge impact on our comfort.


If you walk a lot during your work day, inside the office setting or out of sales calls, your shoe choice is critical. Much needed support will ensure that your feet are not in pain through the day. No one needs to be miserable in shoes!


Whether you love wearing slacks or dresses, here are some wonderful Clog styles to pump up your style but give you the comfort you crave too!




Best Clog Styles to Wear with Dress Slacks and Pantsuits:


Audubon, Open Back Clog

Davinci,, Open Back Clog

Donatello, Open Back Clog

Durer, Open Back Clog

Johansson, Open Back Clog

Monet, Open Back Clog

O’Keefe, Open Back Clog

Pablo, Closed Back Clog with Steel Toe

Picasso, Closed Back clog with Steel Toe

Professional, Closed Back Clog, Great for Medical workers or Restaurant Personal.

Raphael, Open Back Clog

Rembrandt, Open Back Clog

Traditional, Open Back Clog

Van Gogh, Closed Back Clog

Wright, Open Back Clog



Best Shoe Styles to Wear with Dresses and Skirts:

Anna, Clog Sandal

Anita, Clog Sandal
Mary-Jane, Clog Sandal

Karin, Clog Sandal

Mariah, Clog Sandal

Greta, Clog Sandal


All of these Clog choices offer you the professional look you need for an office environment along with the comfort needed too. Take care of your feet. They have to last you a lifetime! If you are on your feet a lot, clogs are the best for your feet, legs and back. With plenty of color and style choices, you will be in love quickly and your body will thank you.


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