Building a Weekend Casual Wear Wardrobe

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Building a Weekend Casual Wear Wardrobe

For many of us, weekend casual wear may consist of sweats, t-shirts and shorts. Sometimes it is hard to find that nice balance between being too casual and an acceptable casual that you can wear out and about.

If you need some tips to find that lovely balance for a weekend casual wear wardrobe, let us share some of our tips and must-haves.

Tips for Building a Weekend Casual Wear Wardrobe

* Select pieces that can go from casual wear to business casual wear easily. Solid color tops and bottoms do this well and can be transitioned from season-to-season and from weekend to weekday.

* Must-Have staples: dark wash denim jeans and a pair of khakis. A casual dress would work too. A cardigan, poncho or denim jacket are a perfect choice for the weekend.

* Athletic Wear should be modern and fit your body well. Avoid the old baggy jogging suits that are not figure flattering and the too tight clothing that shows more than you want. You only need two classic bottoms, 4 tops and a hoodie when shopping on a budget. Select fabrications, colors and styles that mix-n-match together well.

* Every year update your wardrobe with a new pair of athletic sneakers, sandals, loafers, flats and, of course, a pair of casual wear clogs.

* Accessories that go casual like man-made cotton handbags, simple jewelry, skinny simple belts, classic styled watch. A good micro-bag or wristlet is perfect for weekend casual wear.

What to avoid:

* Graphic Print Tees * Sequins and Flashy Embellished Clothing

* Shiny Metallic Fabrications

* High-Heeled Pumps, Embellished Footwear

* Large Handbags

* Flashy Jewelry

It is possible to be casual and comfortable without falling into the inappropriate category. Find pieces that look good on you and feel good to wear. That is perfect weekend wear!

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