Can You Wear Clogs with Formal Wear


Can You Wear Clogs with Formal Wear

There are millions of people that cannot wear those amazing pumps and high heels we all love to look at. Let’s face it, while they look wonderful on paper or on a model, most of the time they are very uncomfortable and they really kill your feet! But there are occasions where a dressy shoe is warranted and wearing formal wear is one of them.

But you don’t need to be dismayed! Not all clogs are made for casual wear. There are some styles of clogs that can be worn with your formal wear too!

Here are some tips:

* A clog with an adjustable ankle strap with a closed toe or open toe can be worn with any length of formal gown or dress. If it is during the hot summer season, select an open-toe style although a closed-toe style is completely acceptable too.

* A high-heeled clog looks best with your shorter gowns and dresses because they give the appearance of longer legs. A flat bottom style will shorten the appearance of your legs and should be worn by taller woman with shorter dresses.

* To really dress up your formal look select a pair of clogs in a patent-leather finish. The shine will elevate your look to the next level. Match up your look with a patent-leather handbag that matches or coordinates well with your footwear choice.

* When wearing floor length dresses, gowns and skirts…no one will see your footwear or very little of it so match your clog to the dress color for more blending and wear whatever style you like. Especially one that you feel you will be comfortable in.

For most of us, occasions that require some formal dressing come around rarely but you can still look wonderful and be comfortable too in certain clog styles. These tips will help you find the right style for your formal occasion. Superior Clogs has a complete line of Troentorp clogs that will compliment your formal wear choices.

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