Care Tips for Your Scandinavian Socks from Superior Clogs

Care Tips for Your Scandinavian Socks from Superior Clogs

There are many people who love to wear their clogs barefoot so they can enjoy the smooth wood and have the leather conform to their feet. Many others enjoy wearing socks with their clogs which provide warmth and additional foot protection, not to mention a bit of style.

For those that love socks, we have added a gorgeous line of Scandinavian socks, with selections for men and women, to our store. Perfect for cooler weather and to add that flash of fun to your outfit.

The Scandinavian socks in stripes, patterns and colors that we sell at Superior Clogs will last you for many years if you properly take care of them. Here’s some important care tips:

Care Tips for Your Scandinavian Socks from Superior Clogs

  1. When laundering your quality socks in the washing machine, we recommend that you place them in a lingerie bag and wash with similar colors. Use the delicate cycle setting on your machine along with a delicate liquid laundry soap when cleaning them.
  2. After laundering them in the machine, toss the lingerie bag into the dryer on the low-heat or air-fluff cycles. Do not dry them using high heat as that can destroy the fibers over time.
  3. If you prefer to wash them by hand, we recommend doing it in a clean sink and with a mild liquid laundry soap. Make sure you rinse them clean using cool water and gently squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring or twist!
  4. When it comes to drying them without the use of a clothes dryer, lay out a folded dry bath towel onto a clean surface. Lay your socks on top in a single layer and let air-dry. 

As a rule, we do not recommend hanging “knit fabrications” such as socks, sweaters, leggings, scarves, etc. on a clothesline which can cause them to become mis-shapened during the drying process.

Click over to see the whole line of Scandinavian sock styles we have the fall and winter. Patterns and colors for men and women, perfect for professional and casual wear, are available along with a discount for multiple pairs!

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