Choosing the Right Footwear for Wide Width Feet


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Choosing the Right Footwear for Wide Width Feet

For some people it can be tough to find shoes that fit wide feet. I personally understand the issues for getting the proper fit with the proper shoe for those with wide feet. After many years of struggling to find shoes that fit right and feel good, I have written down some tips that I use when shopping for shoes and clogs to fit me. I think they will help you too!

Tips for Choosing the Right Footwear for Wide Width Feet

  1. Buy footwear that is specifically made for wide feet. These days many manufacturers carry a line that is specifically for you. In clogs, look for an adjustable strap that will help accommodate a wider foot.
  2. Footwear that has an adjustable strap across the vamp of the foot (the top of the foot) and/or an adjustable strap that goes around the ankle is a wise choice for wider feet. By having adjustability, you can customize the fit to suit your own needs.
  3. Sometimes sizing up a half or whole size in a regular width shoe can accommodate a wide with foot but that really depends on the shoe. Try them before you buy.
  4. Look for regular footwear that doesn’t have any lining or footwear that has removable foot beds and orthotics. Often times when you remove specialty foot beds and orthotics, a regular shoe can accommodate your wide foot. Again, try it first.
  5. Avoid purchasing pointy toe or narrow toe footwear which often times squeeze the toe box area and your toes together, making footwear uncomfortable to wear.  Opt for a rounded or square toe box for the most comfort.

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