Clog Choices for Teachers and Educators

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Clog Choices for Teachers and Educators

Standing on your feet all day long can take a toll on your body. Not just your feet are affected, but also legs, hips and your lower back can feel the effects after a long day standing and walking. While standing and walking can be great for your overall health, there are some great footwear choices that are perfect for teachers and educators that will help align your body and bring you comfort. We are speaking about clogs.

There are many reasons clogs are a great choice for teachers and educators. Not only do they protect our feet and body, but they a great fashion choice too!

Clogs – a Great Choice for Teachers and Educators

* Have an orthopedic bottom that naturally follows the curves and width of your feet. These tops of bottoms (soles) help to reduce leg fatigue and are ideal for teachers who stand on their feet all day.

* Quality construction and workmanship! Superior Clogs carries only the Troentorp brand of Swedish clogs. Troentorp has been making orthopedically designed clogs since 1907. They know how to make quality clogs. Their are meant to be worn for long periods of time and perfect for every day of the week! They are not disposable shoes that will fall apart in 4-8 weeks. When properly taken care of, clogs will last for years.

* Beautiful designs in sandals, closed back and open back clogs, all created in soft leather that looks great for years.

* Versatile wardrobe builders that can be worn with dresses, skirts and slacks during the week and worn with your jeans during the weekend. Dress them up or down!

* Clogs come in stylish designs that are right-on-trend for the season. Even your students will be envious of your footwear choice. Plus, if your school has a dress code, just select a solid color that works!

Protect your body and look fabulous too in beautiful clog choices, not only for teachers and educators but for you too!

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