Clogs: Perfect Shoes for Pregnant Women

Clogs: Perfect Shoes for Pregnant Women


Women who are pregnant spend a lot of time on their feet. While we want to think we can relax as much as possible, reality is working and chasing after children means there is a lot of walking throughout a pregnancy. Most women suffer with tired legs, achy feet and let’s not forget that aching lower back. Pregnancy for most women during the last few months can become quite uncomfortable, if you are not prepared.

Resting as much as possible with legs elevated does help. Another way you can help your tired legs and aching back is by investing in a pair of high-quality clogs with orthopedic designed foot beds. These foot beds offer arch support and are contoured to the shape of your foot. In addition, most clogs can accommodate your foot and ankle as those pregnancy swells set in.

Clogs are the perfect shoes for pregnancy because they are fashionable enough to be worn to work with dresses, skirts, slacks and even uniforms. Plus they are perfect for more casual wear too. You will not be forever changing shoes trying to find something that is comfortable enough to support your back and legs. That is a huge plus!

If you have extremely narrow feet or if you are worried about “walking out” of your clogs we suggest selecting a closed-heel style or a pair with an adjustable back-strap. If you have normal or wide width feet, you should be fine in most of the different styles that we offer here at Superior Clogs.

For that elusive comfort during pregnancy with adjustable fit and gorgeous fashion choices, clogs are a great shoe for all of your needs. Let us help you find your favorite that will be your go to clog before, during and after pregnancy.

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