Curious About the Mary Jane Shoe Style?

The Mary Jane style shoes has been around for decades. If your mother liked to dress you up for Sunday school or Easter, chances are you may have been wearing a version of the Mary Jane. Just like all things, styles will come back into popularity and this style is a classic choice for your spring and summer wardrobe.

If you are curious about this style, here are some great things to know.

Curious About the Mary Jane Shoe Style?

Check out these fun facts

– The name Mary Jane comes from the character in the Buster Brown comic strip who used to wear this style of shoe, hence the style name of Mary Jane.

– The Mary Jane is a style of shoes that feature a strap that runs across the vamp. The toe box area can be open or closed. The shoes can be low-heel, mid-heel or high-heel. You’ll find casual, semi-casual and dressy styles.

– The original and classic Mary Jane’s featured a low-heel, closed round toe, adjustable strap that ran across the foot and were made out of leather. They were a dressy shoe for little girls.

– They can be worn with or without socks/hosiery.

– A Mary Jane clog-style sandal (like the ones we sell at Superior Clogs) feature an open-back genuine leather upper on a clog-style bottom.

– Mary Janes were the must-have and most-fashionable shoes for little boys and little girls from the 1920’s through the late 1950’s.

– Shirley Temple sported a pair of white Mary Janes in the popular film “Baby Take a Bow” in 1934.

– The Mary Jane style is still going strong today and is a classic must-have style that every woman should have in their footwear wardrobe.

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