Denim Jean Styles Perfect for Clogs

Denim Jean Styles Perfect for Clogs


Clogs and jeans seem to go hand. Comfortable and casual wear are just made for a beautiful pair of clogs. Don’t you think so? With all of the different styles of jeans that are available for women, sometimes it is hard to determine which one is best for your body type.

Here is a breakdown of the different denim styles that are currently being marketed. Oh, and yes, they all look awesome with clogs!

The Skinny – Are denim jeans that hug every curve of your body and fit tightly. They have smaller leg openings and are a big fashion trend right now, especially with the younger people.

The Bootcut – Are denim jeans that follow the natural curves of your body but slightly flare out around the calf area and ankle to accommodate you wearing a pair of boots with them. They are flattering on all figure types.

The Boyfriend – Are denim jeans that are cut wider through the legs and fit looser around your curves. They are cut like men’s jeans but are specifically made for a woman.

The Wide Leg – Are denim jeans that are similar to the Boyfriend style but slightly different. They are fitted around the waist and butt and have wide-cut legs and ankle openings.

There is nothing like the feel of a fabulous pair of jeans that fit well. A pair that seems to be made just for your body is hard to find but once you do, you may just not want to take them off! Pair them with your favorite clogs and you are set for anything!

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