Designer Clogs without the Designer Price Tag

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Designer Clogs without the Designer Price Tag

Designer clogs these days can cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s face it, who wants to pay $500+ for a pair of clogs when they can get the same quality, style and comfort factor for less than $125 bucks?

Here at Superior Clogs we sell designer-style footwear but without the designer price tag. All of our shoes are quality-made, stylish, and an important part of your fashion wardrobe but at a price everyone can afford.

This is year-round footwear for women who want to look like a fashion maven but with the comfort factor built-in. With our footwear you can stand and walk all day long and your feet will never get tired.

The clog styles today range from trendy to traditional and do not go out of style, ensuring a great look for years to come. You can find a rainbow of colors that will mix and match with all of your outfits. Choose neutrals or go bold and bright. Have fun with your clogs!

Clogs can be worn with your jeans, slacks, business suits, skirts, jumpers, capris, and even with shorts! Wear them with hosiery or without, the choice is entirely up to you and your personal style. They are a perfect choice for teens, women, and men alike.

Want to save even more money? Look through our closeouts section on our site and our monthly specials Why pay more that you need to for fabulous clogs that fit the way you live?


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