Fall Fashion Footwear Questions Answered


Fall Fashion Footwear Questions Answered

The changing of the seasons is here and with that comes the cooler weather clothing. It’s time to pack up the t-shirts and unpack the sweaters. With that always comes some questions about pairing colors and other general footwear questions.

We have 5 frequently asked questions answered for you below.


  1. Long cardigans, dusters and tunics are in-style this season. What kind of footwear can I wear with them? 

You can wear shooties, knee boots, kitten-heel pumps and clogs! These footwear choices look nice with the longer-length vests, cardigans, dusters and tunics we are seeing this season. In addition, since you’re wearing something of a “longer length” on top, you’ll want to make sure your footwear adds a little bit of height to even you out. Clogs are great to wear with these types of fashions since they add height.


  1. Besides classic black, what colors should I add to my footwear wardrobe this season?

Chocolate brown, dark grey, navy blue, olive green, black cherry and cola are great colors to add-in this season. These colors will work as a neutral and can be worn with most items in your wardrobe. You’ll love our new fall colors at Superior Clogs!


  1. How do I protect my shoes from wet & sloppy weather this season?

You’ll want to purchase a water repellent that is made specifically for leather footwear. Treat your shoes at the beginning of the season, following manufacturer’s instructions. If you live in an area that gets a lot of wet weather, including snow and ice you may need to treat your shoes twice throughout the season.


  1. When I wear a pair of your clogs, do I need matching accessories?

No, you do not! These days women are free to mix-n-match the color of their footwear with their handbag. Matter of fact, color-blocking is HOT and in-style! Trying wearing a pair of black clogs and popping your look with a splash of color like a red or spicy orange handbag. Gone are the days when your footwear and handbag colors had to match!


  1. Can I wear clogs to the office or are they strictly for casual wear?

You can wear them anywhere! Millions of women all around the world wear their clogs in a professional work environment for the comfort that they provide. Plus, they’re stylish too!

Live in comfort this coming season with gorgeous clogs perfect for all of your fall and winter wear. Check out our open back and closed back clogs that coming in wonderful fall colors.

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