Fashion Tips for Layering

Layering clothing has been popular for years but there are some tips you can follow to make sure you are doing it in the most flattering manner. For some people, layering can mean hiding body flaws. Or others it is a way to add style and flair. These fashion tips for layering will help you pull of the perfect look every time!

Fashion Tips for Layering

– If you’re wearing layers on the top, you’ll want to go slimmer on the bottom. In other words, wear form-fitting pants, skirts, leggings, etc. and vice-versa. This will help to keep you from looking over-sized and boxy.

– When wearing cropped shirts, tops and cami’s, layer a jacket, open-front shirt, vest or cardigan in a longer length over-the-top. (an appropriate length would be from waist to mid-thigh).

– Don’t go for the mono-chromatic look! When you wear too much of one color on the top or bottom, it tends to make you look bigger, not to mention, a bit boring. Mix in a bright color or print for top fashion style.

– Don’t be afraid to mix casual with semi-formal. Try layering a tee underneath a faux-fur vest or jacket for a hip and trendy vibe.

– We love seeing women rock a pair of leggings worn underneath their favorite mini skirt or mini dress. Jazz up that look even further by sporting your favorite pair of clogs or booties!

– Try mixing up your fabrications to give your outfit some interesting texture. Rock denim while wearing silk, leather while wearing satin and so forth. Mix-it-up!

– Long cardigans look fabulous when worn over a short mini dress, mini skirt or short-length romper/jumpsuit.

– Rock a long-sleeved turtleneck with a cropped jacket, vest or shrug over-the-top.

– When putting together layers, each layer should be a different length. These days, it’s cool to see your undershirt hanging out beneath your top.

– To make the most of your fashion dollar, select “key pieces” in solid colors and then add “pops” of colors with your accessories.

These fashion tips will help you not only perfect the layering look, but also give you the confidence to wear what you love. Don’t be afraid to step out in style by using these tips.

And don’t forget to add in your favorite pair of clogs to the mix too!


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