Fitting Narrow Feet and Clogs

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Fitting Narrow Feet and Clogs

People who have narrow feet often feel that they can’t wear clogs and that simply is not true. Some companies do make narrow width clogs and even if they don’t, there are still some styles that you can wear and some alternative methods for fitting your feet for clogs.

When shopping for clogs you want to look for adjustable clogs that have an adjustable strap across the vamp (the top) of the foot or around the back of the ankle. When footwear is adjustable you can customize them to fit your foot easier. Most clog companies have many styles that are adjustable in fashionable styles and colors you are looking for. Superior Swedish Clogs offer several adjustable clogs from Troentorp. In our core stock Troentorp makes the Audubon, Donatello and the Raphael. In the sandals, Troentorp has the Mary Jane, Anna, and the Nelly. Superior Swedish Clogs will also be introducing the Greta clog sandal as part of the Spring Selection. Customers can also try the Johansson clog. This is the narrowest clog style that Troentorp makes and comes with a strap that can be used as a heel strap.

If your foot is extremely narrow, another option is to buy a customized orthotic insert that fits inside your footwear to make them fit more snuggly on your foot. This will give you a more comfortable experience when wearing your clogs and should reduce the sliding inside of the shoe.

When all else fails and for a more affordable solution, buy thicker socks made from fleece, faux fur, and fuzzy chenille to help you get a snugger fit when you are wearing clogs. Not only will your shoe fit better, but your feet will say warm and cushioned too.

Don’t let narrow feet stop you from enjoying a comfortable pair of clogs. With multiple options to help fit your foot, there is a pair of clogs waiting for you.

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