Footwear Styles for Problem Feet


Footwear Styles for Problem Feet

Our feet have been abused our whole life. From the time we start to walk, or even before that, our feet are trained to be in shoes. Sometimes those shoes are not the best choice for our particular foot width or they do not take into account the proper sizing. Improperly fitted shoes can have a major effect on our toes and feet, causing pain, sores, and other issues.

If you have problem feet, here are some things that you need to check out when choosing the proper footwear for your problem feet.

– Choose a wide toe box – Shoes that have an extremely pointed toe box area can cause hammer toes, bunions, ingrown toe nails, blisters, callouses, etc. Naturally, our feet were not meant to be crammed inside a pointy-toe shoe!

– When selecting a heel height, it’s best to stay 2″ or under – The higher you go, the more you throw off your normal walking gait. Plus, you can easily trip and fall while wearing high-heels.

– Avoid flat-soled flip-flops that offer no arch support – Arch support is important for all day comfort. In addition, thousands of women every day around the world trip and fall while wearing them!

– Protect your Heels – If you suffer with heel spurs, you’ll want to look for footwear with memory foam padded insoles. Having a nice cushion in the heel area can help to lessen heel spur pain.

– If your feet and/or ankles swell up – You’ll want to wear shoes that allow for the swelling. In other words, shoes that you can adjust throughout the day or during the times when you’re retaining extra fluid.

If you suffer with any of these foot problems and conditions, you can usually find comfort and relief by wearing a good pair of orthopedic correct clogs, like the styles that we sell at Superior Clogs.  Stop in and see our current clogs that are perfect for problem feet and offer wonderful style as well.

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