Friday Business Wear Style Tips for Winter and Spring

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Friday Business Wear Style Tips for Winter and Spring

Those that work in a professional office come to enjoy casual Friday! It is a chance to be comfortable and yet still show that delicate balance between street wear and business wear. It is classy comfort that still speaks to your professional level.

To save money and time, build your casual Friday business wear wardrobe around a few key pieces that mix and match well with other items that you own.

A few staples to include:

* Good pair of dark denim jeans or beautiful slacks that fit well and don’t have any flashy embellishments.

* Pick up two cardigan sweaters to layer with on cooler days or in an air conditioned office. One should be a basic black and one should be an ivory or light neutral tone like blush or grey.

* Two pair of leggings always work well for casual Friday’s. Select a black pair and then a pair in a classic neutral color like chocolate brown, khaki, navy blue or dark gray.┬áMake sure they are heavy fabric and fit you properly.

* Select five great tops that mix and match with your bottoms. These tops should be light-weight and have long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves. They will layer nicely with your cardigans and if you work in an air-conditioned office can be worn year round.

* Pick up three pairs of shoes and a pair of boots. Shoes: loafers, clogs and flats are great for casual Friday. When selecting your footwear select styles that work well with both a dressy and casual style.

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