Get Trendy – Cropped Tops and Jackets


Get Trendy – Cropped Tops and Jackets

Are you a trend follower? I love watching the trends and incorporating some of the best ones into my own look. One of my favorite looks so far this season is the cropped tops and cropped jackets. They are all the rage this year!

The trick to pulling off this look is to only bare a little bit of your midriff and not have it all hanging out for the word to see. Remember, a little peek-a-boo is what you are aiming for. You can find tops with skin baring peeks from strategically placed cuts in the fabric. These are usually on the sides and tummy areas, giving just a hint of skin. Also, look at the crochet pieces too. So cute and perfect to wear this summer!

Investing in cropped jackets are wise because they are great to layer over cropped tees, tanks, cami’s and dresses right now but they will take you into Fall and Winter when you can layer them over turtlenecks, blouses and light-weight sweaters. I love a great looking jacket and finding a few that fit well and you feel great wearing is worth the effort. Plus you will get a lot of use out of them too.

When pulling off the cropped top look this year try wearing your top and jackets paired up with longer length bottoms like skirts, ankle pants and capris. Avoid those mini skirts and shorty shorts when sporting the cropped top look this season. And don’t forget your favorite footwear choices too, like a beautiful pair of Troentorp clogs from Superior Clogs. The perfect accompaniment.

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