Get Your Feet Ready for Sandals with Summer Pedicure Tips


Get Your Feet Ready for Sandals with Summer Pedicure Tips 


When the temps head up, our toes start itching to get out and be seen. We have the option of so many different styles of shoes for the warmer months. Sandals, flip-flops, and peeptoes are all popular choices so making sure that our toes and feet are ready for these beautiful shoes is important too.

It’s easy to get your feet ready for sandals with these quick summer pedicure tips. Try this quick 4 step process!


  1. Remove old polish. Trim nails and use a foot file to remove any dead skin or scaly areas from your heels.


  1. Soak feet in a basin of water (or your bath tub) with desire foot soak product. If needed, use a skin exfoliator to slough off dead skin. Your foot soak should last 10-15 minutes. Soaking your feet in water helps to hydrate them too!


  1. Thoroughly towel dry your feet. Use a lotion that is specifically made for the feet and massage it in. Make sure you get the bottom of your feet, top of your feet and around your ankles. Make sure you massage it in good!


  1. Time to give your nails some new polish! Pick out your favorite color and apply the first coat. If possible, allow 15 minutes to pass by, before applying your second coat. Let them thoroughly dry before adding your top coat.


You now have a great pedicure to show off while you are wearing your open-toe clog sandals from Superior Clogs! We have so many beautiful clogs to choose from. Whether you love open toe or closed toe clogs, we have a style perfect for your needs that will take you from business to casual anytime!

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