Hot 2015 Fall Trend

Hot 2015 Fall Trend


A hot new trend is coming up for this season and it is a beauty! The poncho is back and we are excited at all of the wonderful patterns, fabrics and colors that are showing up.

Think of a poncho or cape as a layering piece for Fall and Winter. It can be layered over a nice top or dress for a dressy look. Try layering it over a classic tee or turtleneck for something more casual.

Styling Tips:

  • For a classic, upscale look trying wearing a solid black, dark navy blue or a deep hunter green poncho with a dark bottom, preferably in the same color as the poncho.
  • For a chic, modern and slightly funky look try wearing a poncho or cape in a bright color or a bold print with a solid bottom in the same color family.
  • An above-the-knee length or at-knee-length poncho can be worn as a short mini dress when paired up with tights or jeggings.
  • When it comes to capes and ponchos you can wear them unbelted (preferred look) or add your favorite belt to give more of a chic and body-hugging appearance.
  • All kinds of different footwear options will work! We like seeing them worn during the Fall & Winter seasons with knee-high boots, shooties, ankle boots and of course…leather clogs!

Care Tips: Most are made out of a knit or woven fabrication. To keep them looking nice you will want to hand wash them in a mild liquid soap and lay flat to air dry. Dry cleaning is also an option. Do not store them on a hanger in your closet which will cause them to stretch out. Fold up nicely and store them in a drawer or on a shelf, treating them just like a fine sweater.

This is the perfect piece for fall and winter layering. Add one to your wardrobe for a great outerwear option!


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