Hot Fall 2015 Must-Have Accessories: Part 1

Hot Fall 2015 Must-Have Accessories: Part 1

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I love the fall season. The weather starts cooling down and there are so many more fun accessories that we can add to our fashion style. It is a fun time! Today I want to share some of my faves for this season in this 2 part series. I have a lot of faves… what can I say! Here is my hot list.

Hot Fall 2015 Must-Have Accessories: Part 1

* Chunky Heels – Stacked and chunky heels are heating up the runway. Look for ankle boots, knee-high boots, clogs and dressy sandals with chunky heels to make a fashion statement this fall. Grab them in pretty deep jewel-toned colors of garnet, amethyst, sapphire and emerald.

* Long Scarves – Sheer, long scarves are a hot accessory this Fall season. When shopping you will want to pick up a few in solid jewel-tone colors and 2 or 3 in floral or funky prints. The scarves can be worn around your neck, as a belt, or tied onto your handbag.

* Brooches & Pins – When rocking these jewelry pieces, you will want one or two very large brooches worn together or 4 or more smaller sized pins placed together in a cluster formation. Big, Sparkly and Numerous are the 3 keywords when it comes to wearing this on-trend fashionable look.

* The Beret – Hats never really go out of style. The only thing that changes is the “style” of the hat. If you have a few berets left in your wardrobe from 5 years ago…get them out and enjoy wearing them around town this Fall season.

* Fringe Handbags – The long fringe handbag stormed onto the scene last season and is still very strong in 2015. When selecting a fringe handbag look for one with 4″ or longer fringe. The longer, the better!

* Wide Belts with Huge Buckles – Wide belts are making a comeback this year and you’ll need one or two in your wardrobe for the Fall season. Look for belts that are 4″ or wider with a big belt buckle. Your buckle can be plain for a more subdued look or go for a sparkly & flashy rhinestone belt buckle.

What do you think of this list so far? How many of these items are on your fall fashion outlook? Stay tuned for part 2!



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