Hot Fall Color Trends for 2016


Hot Fall Color Trends for 2016

Colors come and go so each season we look forward to seeing what will be in the stores for our fashion clothing, footwear, and accessories.  With the fall season upon us, the colors are once again changing. Looking for the warmer shades of fall, this season we are being treated to some glorious shades of color.

According to Pantone, the authority on color trends, the hot color trends for fall 2016 are the following:


Blue Tones: Riverside & Airy Blue

Gray: Sharkskin

Reds & Berries: Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar

Earthy Neutrals: Warm Taupe & Spicy Mustard

Green: Lush Meadow

Purple: Bodacious


What’s great about this season’s color palette is that many of these shades can be mixed-n-matched together. Think about pairing a Sharkskin colored pair of trousers with a Bodacious colored blouse! How about a Warm Taupe colored pencil skirt paired up with a Lush Meadow colored blouse? They would look fabulous together.

If you don’t typically wear a lot of fashion colors, you can opt to stick with the neutrals and add “pops” of color with your accessories and/or jewelry. Colors that are hot in the fashion apparel world, are also hot and trendy in the accessories and jewelry world too!

At Superior Clogs we sell all kinds of different styles when it comes to clog-style footwear and our clogs are in a desirable color palette that works with almost everything in your fashion wardrobe.

Stop by and see our newest clogs that are the perfect balance for your fall color trends in clothing and accessories.

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