Hot Trends in Footwear


Hot Trends in Footwear

Let’s be honest. We love to buy shoes that have a bit of unique design and trend to them. Not only it is fun, but they can be a great way to liven up our favorite outfits.

The bad part is that trends tend to come and go. Colors change, materials or prints can change, and even adornments can become out of date.  However, that doesn’t mean we don’t love the trends now and then!

Even in footwear, we have trendy staples. While traditional comfort shoes are always a smart idea and stay in style for years, trendy footwear does have its place in our closet and on our feet!

Here is what is hot this season in trendy footwear

* Tassel Accents

* Fringe Accents

* Bold Metal Hardware (in Silver)
* Embossed Patterns in Leather
* Embossed Animal Prints in Leather
* Stacked Chunky Heels
* Wedge Heels
* Low-Platform Heels

* Zipper Accents
* Mixed Media (a mixture of textiles and textures)
* Metallic Finishes and Colors

Pointy-toes and tapered-toes are OUT and are so last season! In this year are rounded-toes and square-toes, which fit your feet more naturally.

Styles for the Fall season are very feminine, but yet comfortable. If you’re looking for comfort, select footwear that has a memory foam insole or shoes that are orthopedically correct, like the clogs we sell here at Superior Clogs.

While our clogs do not usually have the adornments, we do offer beautiful, in season color choices and those chunky style heels that are so comfortable to wear. Stop by the shop and see our most popular styles that cross over from season to season. Look for our newest styles in amazing leather you can wear every day.

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