How to Dry Clean Your Clothing at Home


How to Dry Clean Your Clothing at Home


There is nothing better than a freshly dry cleaned shirt or slacks from the dry cleaners to go with your Troentorp clogs. But just like anything else, the costs have grown and people are looking for ways to get good results from home or at least extend the time between a dry cleaning visit.  Plus it sure saves time and energy when you can dry clean your clothing, personal and other décor items from home.

To save money on your dry cleaning costs, you can purchase at-home dry cleaning kits at various retailers nationwide. Look for these kits specifically at grocery stores, drug stores and at discount department stores like Walmart or Target. All of these types of stores carry them.

These kits are NOT the same thing as taking your clothing into a professional dry cleaner but they are great for freshening up your clothes in-between the professional dry cleaning visits. Each of these kits are slightly different but come with everything that you need.

You’ll want to read all of the directions included in the kit. They all come with a special bag that will hold 3-5 pieces of adult-sized clothing. If you are going to pre-treat any stains, you’ll do so before placing your clothing inside the included bag. Don’t over-fill the bag as you need air to flow around the garments during the cleaning process.

Place the included dry cleaning sheet into the bag and fasten the bag shut. Place bag into your dryer and set the heat according to the manufacturer’s recommended heat setting and time. As the included dry cleaning sheet heats up from the air in your dryer it will release fragrance and steam which helps to clean your clothing and remove wrinkles.

Once the cycle has completed, immediately take the bag out of your dryer and remove the clothing that is inside. Don’t let it sit in your dryer for long periods of time which will cause the items to re-wrinkle. Hang them up right away and put them away for storage. If you do have some wrinkles remaining, you can remove them by ironing or steam pressing your clothes before storing them.

These kits will offer you nice results from home so you always have your favorite clothing items ready to go any time you need them.

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