How to Get the Proper Fit When Buying Shoes

How to Get the Proper Fit When Buying Shoes

There is nothing like finding the perfect shoe. You have seen it online, headed to the store to find it, and then slid your foot in it, only to realize that it is way too tight – or too loose. Suddenly sad, you have to start all over again.

Finding shoes that fit your foot can be tough. But knowing what you need before shoe shopping can save you some hassle and disappointment.

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect shoes.

How to Get the Proper Fit When Buying Shoes

  1. It is common to have one foot slightly larger than your other foot. When determining your foot size, get both feet measured. That includes the length and width for each foot. 
  2. When purchasing footwear, choose the size to fit your largest foot. In addition, consider what kind of hosiery you’ll be wearing most often with that particular shoe style and size accordingly.

For example: If you’re buying shoes that you’ll be wearing during the cold winter months, you may want to go up 1/2 size to accommodate for wearing thicker socks. 

  1. Take into consideration any medical problems or foot issues that you have. If your feet tend to swell throughout the day, you may want to size up. If you have bunions, hammer toes or other issues, you may want to size up or find a shoe that offers a square or rounded toe box to prevent pressure points on those areas.
  2. If you have extremely narrow feet, you may want to purchase inserts to help you get a “snugger” fit in most shoe styles. By wearing inserts, you can prevent rubbing and pressure-point sores.
  3. Consider purchasing footwear styles that offer some adjustability such as shoelaces, straps with buckles, Velcro-closures, etc. You can tighten them or loosen them as needed.

Finding the perfect fit can be tough. But by taking your time to get sized properly and then looking for the style of shoes that will accommodate your issues, you will not only save time, but also lessen your frustration too.

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